Dutch super vessel starts a revolution in sustainable fishing

| 25 September 2016 | Category: News

MDV1 sustainable fishing vessel
They worked on it for years: a radical innovation for sustainable fishing. Phase 3 of the Masterplan Duurzame Visserij ( Master Plan for Sustainable Fisheries) is now completed by taking into service of the MDV1 Immanuel. Maximum fuel economy, sophisticated systems, on-board processing, there is a revolution on hand in the Dutch fishing industry.

Some years ago the Dutch flatfish fishery in the North Sea needed nearly four liters of gas oil per kilogram of fish caught. This ship  consumes less than half a liter. That is the result of applying a newly developed hybrid propulsion technique. Also heat recovery, LED lighting and an aqua dynamic hull shape were specially designed.

Fishing techniques as well are state-of-the-art in environment and fish friendly fishing. Techniques that require much less boat speed and cause less soil stirring. The nets float just above the bottom. Further research is made into the twinrigpulse technique, a fishing technique consisting of a trawl net with electrical wiring that produces mild electrical pulses, which fish are responding to.


Successful concept

The MDV-1 is already fishing to the satisfaction of the crew. The published results in terms of consumption and catch are positive. The concept of the MDV1 proves a great success, not only as a research project, but as a business case for sustainable fishing too.

Next steps are to find funding for the investements needed to replace the outdated and heavily polluting fleets for traditional coastal fishing. Many fisherman have built up substantial debts over the last years. That is the result of high fuel prices and restrictive regulations. Even when the business case for exploitation of an MDV is positive, many small fishing companies lack the financial basis for investing the required 4 million Euro’s. Banks, investors, governements and public together have to find creative solutions to help a revolution to materialize.

With the first succesfull business cases in operation, even the most conservative skipper will join the fleet of Tesla’s of the sea, no doubt.


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