Wind energy from the wings of an owl

| 27 November 2016 | Category: News

windleaf windchallengeThe Windleaf is a small wind turbine that offers companies and individuals new ways to realize a wind powered local energy supply. The light-weight small wind turbine is specially created for a built environment.

The design of The Windleaf borrows several elements directly from nature. For instance, at high wind speeds, the blades of the turbine pitch, just like leaves on a tree. To ensure whisper quiet operation a silencer profile pattern is created on the blades. This pattern resembles the wings of an owl. That is why the owl’s prey won’t hear it coming when it is diving towards the ground at full speed. Thanks to this technology the sound of The Windleaf will blend into the background noise at just 10 meters distance. This design principle is called biomimicry.

With the patented blade pitching technology The Windleaf sets a new standard for local energy supply. That makes it a perfect addition to solar panels, specially at night and during cold and dark autumn and winter months. Blade pitching at high wind speeds is unique for small wind turbines, and because of this technique the turbine can operate during the heaviest of autumn storms.

The turbines have been tested over the last few years and have proven their durability. Now the The Windleaf has been fine-tuned to near perfection and Windchallenge is ready to scale up production.

Some data:  diameter 1,7 mtr,  capacity 0,7 Kw,  maximal operational windspeed 22 mtr/sec (9Bft), price from € 3280,-

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